gallery A New Beginning…

We’re beginning the New Year with a new identity. Asociația Edulifelong now has a new logo which will be up on our website soon. We owe a big thanks to Designmantic for providing a service which lets you create logo designs at a very low cost. We were planning to work on our logo for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge when we discovered this logo making service.

Designmantic is an online logo making tool which lets you create a logo design with ease. All you have to do is type in your company’s name and hit “show my designs”. The website will present you with various options to choose from. If you’re feeling lost, you can narrow down your options by searching for a certain element that you want to include in your logo. Once you have chosen a particular logo design, you can change the color scheme and edit the logo according to your requirements. This logo maker is very user-friendly and allows you to create a professional logo design without spending loads and loads of money.

The thing we like the most about this website is that it lets non-profit organizations like ours to flourish. A good logo design is a requirement for all businesses including NGOs but it is very hard for NGOs to invest a lot of money into the creation of their identity due to the non-profit nature of the organization. Services like these help non-profits look presentable bringing in more volunteers and funds. Our cause can only be a success if more and more people join our cause. So here’s to a new beginning and the hope that we will be able to reach as many people as possible.


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