gallery Call for partners for a new KA1 youth exchange!

We look for partners from Erasmus+ Programme Countries. We are planning to apply for KA1 Youth exchange project on October 2015 deadline.

Title: Let`s go back to our roots and rediscover our true identity!

Description: We believe that art, culture and traditions are an important part of the cultural heritage and we need to protect them and bring them to life. That is why we want to implement this project and to encourage project leaders, youth workers and young people to explore folk art and traditional crafts.
We also want to get to know folk art from Europe and promote it amongst young people to be able to appreciate its true value. Sharing our traditions and teaching them to others’ project partners we wish to reduce the effects of globalization and to promote diversity.
This project will bring together 56 participants (youngsters and leaders) to participate in the planned activities of this youth exchange. They will have the opportunity to experience different techniques of traditional art and crafts making, to learn about the culture of other countries.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the Partner ID request and the Internal Partnership Agreement, then send it to us at

deadline: 1st September 2015


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